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Gaspar Landscaping is passionate about establishing a deep and prosperous relationship with you to glean the utmost advantage from our services. We hold committed that valuable communication and collaboration are vital in accomplishing this objective and encourage you to divulge your ideas and necessities to us so that we can customize our services to meet your distinctive requirements. 

We are pleased about the opportunity to aid you in progressing your project and believe that our proficiency, devotion, and scrupulousness will render exceptional outcomes. Thank you for considering Gaspar Landscaping LLC as your confided partner for all your landscaping needs.



Design and installation of stone and paver patios of all sizes, with optional add-ons such as fire pits, low-voltage landscape lighting, benches and seating walls.

The average size of a patio is around 300 square feet, but this can be increased or reduced upon request and desired usable space.

Retention Wall_edited_edited.jpg

Retention Walls

Installation of stone, wood or block retention walls of all sizes for a variety of purposes with the added option for plants and low-voltage landscape lighting.  The height and length of a retention wall is determined at the work site as deemed necessary and cost-efficient.



Complete yard overhaul with an installation of a variety of new plants; mulch installation; pine straw installation; options of stone, metal or plastic bed edging; and stepping stones.



This service often includes terrain leveling and grading, soil preparation, sod roll installation, pH control with lime, one-time fertilizing as deemed necessary, and first watering. We strongly suggest waiting for Spring or Fall for optimal results with this service.


Garden Walls

Natural stone or stone block garden walls of all sizes for a variety of purposes with the added option for plants and low-voltage landscape lighting.

These walls are usually around six inches in visible height plus around two inches in footing, but the desired height can be increased or reduced upon request. 



Aluminum and wood fences of four feet, six feet, eight feet and other heights upon request. In addition, the fence can be customized with single or double gates which vary in size but are usually around four feet wide and eight feet wide respectively.


Freestanding Pergolas

Used primarily for improving aesthetics, these structures can also provide partial shade and a sense of privacy. They can be a great addition to your outdoor living space.

Freestanding pergolas have their own supports and can vary in size depending on the needs and requirements.



The main benefit of proper drainage is preventing water damage, which will increase the value of your property as the risk of repairs due to water damage is reduced.

Additional benefits of a proper drainage system include erosion control, managing of excess water, prevention of standing water, and potential plant growth improvements.

Outdoor Kitchen_edited.jpg

Outdoor Kitchens

As the name implies, outdoor kitchen areas are utilized for preparation and cooking of food in an outdoor setting. An outdoor kitchen has three major advantages, it provides a refreshing and enjoyable cooking experience, reduces indoor heat as a result of cooking, and may even save energy depending on appliances used.

Seating Wall_edited.jpg

Seating Walls

Designed to provide an outdoor seating space, seating walls are a great addition to your patio. They come in curved as well as straight styles, in half-moon and 90° angle shapes. A seating wall also adds visual interest to a hardscaped area. They are often accompanied by a fire pit and utilized as a gathering area



Stone steps are great for their durability and require minimal to no maintenance. They are also less likely to become slippery when wet or covered in ice. Overall, they a great aesthetic addition and may increase the value of your property due to the added functionality.



Pillars are simple structures that serve the purpose of defining an entrance and enhancing aesthetics, they are also sometimes used to mark the ends of seating walls.



Similarly to other hardscapes, pathways add visual interest texture to an outdoor area. They provide a safe and stable surface for walking or wheeling, which can improve the accessibility of an outdoor space. It is also a great option to prevent slippery surfaces when wet or covered with ice.

Artificial Turf_edited.jpg

Artificial Turf

Compared to natural grass, artificial turf requires minimal maintenance and offers a consistent appearance throughout the year. Since it does not require water, it is the best options for water conservation or drought conditions.

Artificial turf is safe for children as well as pets and it is easy to clean.


Mulch & Pine Straw

Mulch enhances the visual appeal of a plant bed or natural area, but it excels as well in other aspects. Mulch retains moisture and regulates soil temperature, supresses weeds, prevents soil erosion, and organic mulches (such as pine straw or triple-shredded) enrich the soil with nutrients as it decomposes.

River Stones_edited.jpg


Landscape edging prevents overgrowth, and reduces erosion by controlling water flow. The major benefit of edging is safety as it can prevent tripping or falling by defining a clear boundary between areas.

The most common edging materials include stone, brick, metal and plastic.

River Stones

River stones are an elegant aesthetic addition typically used for drainage. They also serve as a component to enhance visual appeal and add interest to an outdoor area, or as an alternate option for plant beds instead of mulch. The advantage of river stones is the minimal maintenance required and their durability. Other uses include as ground covers, edging, and for water features.

For more services please contact us for a personalized estimate

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Gaspar Landscaping, customer satisfaction reigns supreme in importance within everything we do. Our commitment involves purposeful actions geared towards surpassing expectations whenever possible through aspects such as workmanship excellence, on-time delivery, or attentive customer service with a focus placed on earning both trust and loyalty along the way. In realization that each client has unique needs and preferences distinct unto them alone; we are proud to deliver tailored services passionately designed not just around but together with them through extensive feedback systems once engaged with us, thus allowing proficient ways of refining strategies in producing only the highest-quality work possible! At Gaspar Landscaping we thank you for considering us as partners for all of your landscaping projects. 

With this gracious opportunity at hand, expect nothing but exceeding expectations built around a solid foundation of unwavering quality service.

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